• Completion of share capital increase

    Source: Nasdaq GlobeNewswire / 03 Nov 2017 12:38:28   America/New_York

    The Board of Directors of BioPorto A/S (BioPorto) decided on October 27, 2017 to partially exercise the authorization in article 16b of the company’s Articles of Association to issue new shares in a private placement to a limited number of shareholders, institutional and financial investors, cf. company announcement no. 13 of October 27, 2017. As announced in company announcement no. 14 of November 2, 2017, the issue was fully subscribed.

    Completion of the issue

    BioPorto A/S has now received the full subscription amount and the capital increase of in total nominally DKK 13,015,625 has been registered with the Danish Business Authority.

    BioPorto A/S’ gross proceeds from the issue amount to DKK 41.7 million. The aggregate net proceeds are expected to amount to DKK 41.0 million after deduction of costs.

    Admission to trading and official listing

    The new shares will as soon as possible be admitted to trading and official listing on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S under the ISIN code of the company’s existing shares (ISIN DK0011048619).

    Share capital after the rights issue

    As a result of the issue, BioPorto A/S’ share capital has been increased by nominally DKK 13,015,625. Accordingly, the total share capital of BioPorto A/S now amounts to DKK 155,509,681 divided into 155,509,681 shares of nominally DKK 1 each, equivalent to 155,509,681 votes. BioPorto A/S’ Articles of Association have been updated accordingly and are available on the company’s website.

    For further information please contact:

    Peter Mørch Eriksen, CEO

    Gry Husby Larsen, Investor relations

    Tel.: 45 29 00 00, e-mail investor@bioporto.com


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